How Achoo works

Achoo makes influencer marketing easy and measurable, and you can get started with Achoo in 5 simple steps.

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Step 1 - Create a campaign

Write the campaign brief for influencers, attach relevant campaign materials and define terms for the collaboration.

Then choose which KPIs like keywords, hashtags, and URLs you want to track for the campaign.


Step 2 - Discover influencers

Browse influencers with intuitive filters such as

  • Countries
  • Interests
  • Activity metrics
  • Preferred Platforms

and take your pick between multiple relevant


Step 3 - Access key insights before a collaboration

Access valuable KPIs about an influencer before
collaborating with them. Reach, engagement,
impressions, audience demographic, and much
more are always available on the Achoo platform
before any collab is made.


Step 4 - Start the collaboration

When you've found the perfect influencers to work
with, you invite them to your campaign. When they accept the invite and posts for your campaign you'll get notified - now your campaign is live.


Step 5 - Monitor campaigns and automatic save content

Based on real-time data monitoring campaigns
are easy and transparent. You'll get notified about the campaign's progress and the published content will automatically be


Accelerate your Influencer Marketing with Achoo!

  • Reduce time manually browsing social media and identify the appropriate influencers for you

  • Learn more about the ‘right influencer’ before building a relationship

  • Automate campaign outreach in an effective workflow with an actionable overview

  • Analyze campaign or brand performance throughout the process to identify traffic heroes

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