Accelerate your Influencer Marketing with Achoo!

  • Reduce time manually browsing social media and identify the appropriate influencers for you

  • Learn more about the ‘right influencer’ before building a relationship

  • Automate campaign outreach in an effective workflow with an actionable overview

  • Analyze campaign or brand performance throughout the process to identify traffic heroes

Find, filter and connect with influencers that will exponentially increase campaign ROI

Find Influencers with ease using keyword search as well as powerful audience and influencer filters

Tired of spending hours on social media platforms finding relevant influencers? Achoo, allows you to identify relevant influencers amongst millions by applying multiple search criteria such as Target Demographic, Audience Location, Nationality, Interest, Gender, Activity and much more.

Gather key insights before confirming if an influencer is relevant for you

Still dependent on Influencers sending you screenshots of their insights? Achoo can help you take back control by providing access to valuable KPIs such as Reach, Engagements, Impressions, Content Topic, Fake Followers and Audience Demographic

Automated influencer outreach with a simple progress overview and reporting

Tired of the endless process of managing influencers in spreadsheets and manually outreaching via unsuccessful DMs and emails?

Whether you want to create campaigns from one to hundreds of influencers, Achoo lets you do so in just a few clicks, and even notifies you when influencers post new content!

Monitor brand exposure and benchmark against your biggest competitors

Evaluate your progress on each collaboration while collecting real-time data to further improve your influencer outreach programs

Build and export reports using modules such as Estimated Media Value, Return On Investment, Share Of Voice, Competitor Activity, Earned Vs Paid and much more.

Instagram Stories KPIs available for All Influencers

Are you still chasing influencers for screenshots to access Insta Stories KPIs? Achoo helps you to Track, Analyze and Store Instagram Stories longer than 24 hours, and utilize data for future reporting. Achoo can show data for any public Instagram account, without authorization.

Are you ready to take your influencer marketing campaign to the next level?

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We needed a raw interaction measuring tool, so Achoo built one for us. This has helped us a lot with our campaigns and reporting to our clients in a way that they prefer.

Shanice Engel

Social Influencer Expert, OONA

We have high goals for our influencer marketing strategy, and I'm happy that we chose Achoo to help us with that. It's been great working with them, especially because of their excellent customer service.

Egle Markeviciute

Brand Ambassador Lead, Trendhim


We needed a raw interaction measuring tool, so Achoo built one for us. This has helped us a lot with our campaigns and reporting to our clients in a way that their prefer.

Shanice Engel

Social Influencer Expert, OONA

We used Achoo to identify and interact with new influencers in our industry. The team are super helpful, and really made sure we found quality influencers

Maxwell Stone

Managing Director, ListenUP


Built for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.


Projects allow mention tracking at any scale, track keywords, URLs and hashtags in desired markets

Manage Influencers

Gather influencers into tiered groups, monitor activity and gain insight into the development of your relationships

Audience Insights

Drill down into influencers’ audience demographics, such as geographic reach, language, gender, brand affinity, etc.


Build custom reports using modules to get key insights into your campaign activity


Execute influencer campaigns in a streamlined flow to maximise resource efficiency


Drill down into social media using a range of filters to find new, relevant and powerful influencers in key communities


Get your monthly report delivered directly to your email, and receive notifications when new influencers are identified

Verified Data

All influencers in Achoo have been verified for substantial reach, commercial content, desirable topics and obscene content

Popular Platforms

We cover a wide range of social media platforms and blogs to give you the widest scope of influencer marketing opportunities