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Influencer marketing 2019 - Our predictions

As 2018 went by with an increasingly attention towards influencers as a bigger and more structured part of brand’s marketing strategies,  the question is, what can we expect of the newly started year of 2019 in this field?
It’s March, and we can already reveal the tendencies of 2019...

More Effort - More Money..
Influencer Marketing already has made its impact on brand’s marketing strategies, and with a 335% increased search rate on the term the past year,on Google alone, it’s safe to say; The possibilities of influencer collaborations really has awoken the marketers.
The greater the effort put into building in Influencer Marketing as a part of a brands general marketing strategy, the more money used.
The interest for Influencer Marketing is rising, and brands will more likely allocate a larger amount of money in their marketing budgets.

Bigger Priority - More Long-term Strategies
As Influencer Marketing really is getting a firm foothold in brands marketing strategies, 2019 is expected to will the year of which, brands will have a greater emphasis on developing and maintaining long-term collaborations with influencers. As a result of the long-term relationships, we’ll experience more integrated campaigns, influencers becoming advocates for the brand and gain more trust from the consumers. This is leading towards next prediction: alignment..

The Perfect Match
The perfect match will be crucial, and both brands and influencers are getting more and more aware of it this year. As influencers are getting more aware of representing themselves as a personal business, and brands have discovered the possibilities of Influencer Marketing, the emphasis on choosing the seamless fit is more important than ever.
Instead of as previously uncritically pushing out sponsored products, brands will stress the alignment between the brand’s values and identity, as well as the influencers will.

.. And Authenticity..
The consumer have had it with polished and flawless advertising. They want trustworthiness more than ever in 2019. - We know it, you know it and the influencers know it, which is why this year will bring more real time video content, such as IGTV, fB-live and SnapChat stories. The long-term collaborations, combined with more live un-editable content on the platforms, will radiate credibility and authenticity - and that’s what we’re doing this year.

The Bigger the Better - Or?
We’re moving away from thinking the bigger the influencer the better….
2019 will present more collaborations with teams of micro influencers stretching the budget, while making a better reach of the target groups, instead of spending every dollar on one macro (and for the brand maybe, more irrelevant) influencer. Smaller scale influencers tend to interact and engage on a higher level with their audience which vibrates that organic, authentic and credibility vibe, we’re looking for.

Reach On Investment - Because Numbers Do Count
Allocating more money to Influencer Marketing will naturally create a larger focus on ROI. To know how well a collaboration with an influencer is going, and if the money put into a campaign is generating as wanted, measuring Return On Investment becomes important. The more spent - the more focus.
Influencer marketing is top choice when marketers are asked, which marketing channels they believe to have a bigger impact on a company’s ROI, even though a lot experience it difficult to measure.

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