Why you can’t ignore Instagram stories in 2020!

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Gints Gailis

Influencer marketing and Instagram stories in 2020!

If you are launching an influencer campaign and not using Instagram stories, you’re missing out on a big opportunity!
It is not a secret, time spent and engagement on Instagram feed are on the decline. But users are not leaving the platform; they are engaged in stories! In fact, the more exciting things are happening on Instagram stories.

As a marketer, you want to be where your audience is, and in 2020 that will be Instagram stories!
Working closely with influencers and companies, we have noticed several good reasons why influencer marketing campaigns should include Instagram stories.



Instagram stories are authentic. Content published on Instagram stories is not as polished as feed posts, it is real. Stories are more dynamic (mostly video content) while the Instagram feed is very passive (mostly photos). Authenticity increases trust, which leads to a closer  connection with followers.

Fewer ads

Have you noticed how many sponsored posts are on your feed? Mixed with Instagram native ads and suggested content, the feed can quickly lose its charm. On the other hand, Instagram stories have fewer ads, and it is easier to skip them, allowing the user to enjoy the content they care about!

Swipe up 

As a brand, you want the audience to have a pathway to your product. Swipe up is an excellent function allowing bringing users directly to your desired landing page. The influencer has to include a specific URL in the story, and that’s it! Note that marketers can hand out trackable URL’s to influencers and later measure conversion or click-through rates! 👇

Swipe up instagram

Product stickers 

Another great feature for marketers. Let your influencers ton tell the story about your product and intrigue their audiences. Add action asking product button at the end  of the stories to convert viewers into buyers!

Full-screen video on mobile

You have heard already, video and mobile are going to be big in 2020. Same time attention spans are dropping... It will be harder than before to grab someone’s attention in 2020! If there is still something that can hold a person's attention than it is video. Instagram stories are a great place to post video content! The vertical format covers full-screen and is mobile friendly!


Stories are time-restricted! They are active for just 24hours. Naturally, you don’t want to miss out! The Instagram algorithm is pushing forward the newest stories from your most favourite creators. 

Engagement stickers

Instagram stories function features several actions encouraging stickers. These stickers can be used in multiple ways, but one is clear they drive action. We have seen brands creating pools, quizzes, games, and even inviting them to chat! 

stickers for instgaram stories

Expanded reach 

Instagram stories have a great opportunity to reach even more audiences through popular hashtags or location stickers. Research has shown that stories with hashtags reach 12% more views!

Less competition

Instagram stories are not yet adopted by all brands and influencers. There are even fewer brands using Instagram stories for promotional purposes! Leaving more room for you and your influencers to advertise your product! 

Influencers are more open

If you have worked with influencers you must experience how pretentious they are about their feed. Their feed is like their baby! Incorporate your product into their feed can give them a great dose of headache. While stories they can have more freedom and authenticity! They have not tied with the brand forever.

Stories are cheaper

Due to the fact that the stories last 24 hours and that they are not permanently staying on influencers feed, the price for a story is lower as well! Some influencers even sign up for hourly rate! Companies have a great chance to work with a larger influencer for a cheaper price if agreeing on a shorter story post!


Stories are sharable! Users can publicly share the influencer’s story in their own story. As well stories can be forwarded via private messages. These actions will drive more traffic and brand exposure for your campaign!

To wrap up

We have listed a few good reasons why your next influencer marketing campaigns should include Instagram stories! Now it is your turn to take them in action and get the best out of your influencer marketing. 

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